From a young age, I witnessed my father, a 6-term MLA, serve his constituents in a humble, rural Manitoba riding. It is from this modest beginning that I became passionate about my civic duty: citizen advocacy and community building.

After completing my degree at UBC, I moved to North Vancouver in 2002. Shortly thereafter, I married and established a strata management company which served nearly 300 homeowners. I later joined the Real Estate Council of BC, where I investigated complaints and helped guide policy to protect the public with respect to Rental Property and Strata Management services. I developed solid expertise in 1) Budgeting and financial management, 2) Resolving disputes, 3) Understanding bylaws, and 4) Advocating for homeowners.

Now, as a mom and working professional, I understand the struggles and sacrifices it takes for families, young people and seniors to live in North Vancouver. I am deeply concerned about the lack of affordable housing, insufficient childcare and limited transit options in our City.

Having spent much of my career resolving disputes and representing the concerns of homeowners, my commitment to you if elected is to bring these skills to City Council, listen to the concerns of our residents and advocate on their behalf to address issues affecting our City.