Cath Hughes & Lynne Fahnestalk at the District Foyer Gallery

Event Details

District Hall of North Vancouver

A 2D and 3D art exhibit of works by artists Cath Hughes and Lynne Fahnestalk that feature 2D landscape paintings and 3D robots created from recycled materials.

Cath Hughes – Painting landscapes allows Cath to travel back to a space in time while creating at her studio- feeling the wind on her skin, smelling the damp air and sensing the texture of the ground underfoot. She paints for the same reason she ventures out into the natural environment; to escape from the tyranny of her mind and its patterns. Sometimes she knows the figures in her artwork and she watches them engage with the landscape, taking in a view or negotiating some particularly gnarly roots and the run of the trail. Her artwork is a way to step into their shoes and explore how their interaction affects their wellbeing. Cath is a British artist who has called North Vancouver home since 2008. She obtained a BFA in painting at Oxford University and an MA in Museum Gallery Education from London University. She has a vast range of skills as a teacher, gallery educator, artist in residence, project manager, writer and researcher.

Lynne Fahnestalk – Lynne’s current passion is creating metal robot sculptures from up-cycled materials. She started making these sculptures in order to create a science fiction Christmas wreath. But since then the Bots took another direction and they have become a great obsession for her. She explains there is vast freedom working with metal in this way – “if a piece doesn’t feel right I can take it apart and start over or recycle it”. The learning curve working with metal has been steep, but also tremendously exciting. Discovering how to take things apart in order to use the various bits has also taught her how to build. Each Bot is securely constructed using screws and nuts – no glue or solder which can add to the challenge of the build. These Bots have appeared at various venues where she has received multiple awards. Beyond building robots, Lynne has been a professional illustrator and cartoonist for over 30 years and her artwork has appeared in publications across North America and in the U.K.

For more information about this event please call Liza Child at 604-988-6844 or visit our website at

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