Faux Départs (Misstart, a production for stage clowns) at the Presentation House Theatre

Event Details

Presentation House Theatre

As the audience enters, a rather odd-looking character is on stage. Meet Morgon, assistant of Mister Jerry, the star of the show. Yet, just when the performance is about to start… POOF!! Mister Jerry disappears in a cloud of smoke. DO NOT PANIC!! Morgon tries to cancel the performance. However, the prop girl H.Da! steps on stage and urges Morgon to replace Mister Jerry. Oh Oh!

From the company that brought you I On The Sky, Montreal’s Dynamo Theatre brings you into the world of the Clown. Step into a unique world in which comedy blends with poetry, chaos with order, and drama with foolishness. The clowns are both naive and full of mischief. Anything can amaze them and they are constantly in a state of discovery. Talk back sessions available en français with the Artists.

Produced by Dynamo Theatre, Montreal

COMEDY | 50 minutes | $15/$10.50

Ages: 8-65+

For more information about this event please visit our website at www.phtheatre.org



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