Hotel Bethlehem by Drew McCreadie

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Firehall Arts Centre

If you’ve ever thought there was something a little fishy about a very pregnant woman being turned away from an inn, let Ruby Slippers Theatre’s Hotel Bethlehem provide an alternate interpretation of what ACTUALLY happened that infamous silent night, December 10 to 22, 2013 at the Firehall Arts Centre.

Ruby Slippers Theatre celebrates its 25th birthday this year with a revival of this original Christmas satire that has been selling out houses and making audiences chuckle since it first premiered in 2011 at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and in 2012 at the Firehall.

Faulty Towers and Monty Python fans will love the mash-up of farce, satire and holiday fare served up in this entertaining and fun seasonal comedy. Hotel Bethlehem offers a fresh and hilarious take on this traditional tale, one that features shepherds contemplating sheep lotteries, Three Kings evading taxation, virgins, ridiculous Roman soldiers and a blind census-taker. Oh yeah, and a couple of births.

This original Vancouver production stars eleven of the city’s finest performers, (some of whom were Studio 58 students in 2011 and have become successful theatre performers): Stephen Beaver, Scott Bellis, Tim Carlson, Alex Diakun, Dustin Freeland, Sean McQuillan, John Murphy, Byron Noble, Kris Novak, Gili Roskies and Alvin Sanders.

Directed by Diane Brown and written by Drew McCreadie, Hotel Bethlehem features set design by David Roberts, sound design by Jordan Watkins, lighting design by Jonathan Ryder, costume design by Drew Facey and is stage managed by Allison Spearin.

Hotel Bethlehem will give you the real (fake?) story of what happened that fateful night, December 10 to 22, 2013, at the Firehall Arts Centre.

Tickets and information: Firehall Box Office 604.689.0926 |



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