Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic

105 - 3246 Connaught Crescent, North Vancouver, BC

About Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic

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North Vancouver’s newest Naturopathic Clinic, offering allergy testing, bio identical hormone therapy, hormone testing, thyroid testing, neurotransmitter testing, acupuncture and vitamin IV’s.

Looking younger and feeling your best doesn’t have to be so hard. Do you find yourself plagued with the stresses of aging? Do your old ways of maintaining your health not stand up anymore to age spots, cellulite, sagging skin and thinning hair? Looking and feeling younger isn’t about working harder, it’s about understanding what aging is about and preventing the process. At Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic we understand that a woman who feels and looks younger is healthier on the inside as well as the outside. Many women buy supplements and read magazines in hopes of finding that one pill or diet that is going to change their lives.

What about the basics? Sleeping properly is important to maintaining sharp brain function and glowing skin. Good digestion ensures that you are absorbing the organic carrot and beet juice that you have spend so much money on.

What about hormones? Are they good or bad? Well, that depends on the person again. Taking into account your lifestyle and family history, bio-identical hormones may be an excellent choice to help you sleep better, loose weight, balance your mood and regain that youthful glow. Testing your hormone levels makes using Bio-Identical Hormones safe and the most effective. Don’t waste time and energy on anti-aging treatments for everyone. Come in to Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic in North Vancouver and discuss your goals with a licensed Naturopathic Physician who understands how you can look younger and feel your best.”

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