North Shore Restorative Justice

147 East 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC

About North Shore Restorative Justice

law, mediation, restitution

Restorative Justice is a philosophy that looks at crime and conflict as a breakdown between people and relationships. Restorative Justice acknowledges that when a crime occurs it impacts the victim, community and offender and therefore in order to resolve or to start to heal the harm, all people affected need to be part of the conversation.

North Shore Restorative Justice understands that each individual file is different and thus works to build a restorative process around the needs of the victim, community, and offender. In order for a file to be referred to North Shore Restorative Justice, the person who has been harmed (i.e. the victim) must want to participate in restorative justice, as well as the person responsible for the harm needs to take responsibility and want to participate in restorative justice. It is imperative to the process that participation in restorative justice is voluntary on all accounts as well as confidential.

Our Mission. We develop, promote and provide restorative approaches to prevent and heal harm caused by conflict and crime. We connect with affected individuals, families and organizations to strengthen our diverse community.

Our Vision. Our community resolves conflict and addresses harm through a restorative process of collaboration and dialogue.

Restorative Justice offers:

-An opportunity to tell your story
-A chance to explain how you have been impacted
-A safe, caring and respectful place to share your story
-Involvement and support through a problem-solving approach
-Conflict resolution and a chance to repair relationships
-A better understanding of the incident and its impacts
-An opportunity to take responsibility for one’s actions
-Meaningful outcomes and an opportunity for closure


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