Pirate Pak Day at White Spot for Zajac Ranch

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The legendary White Spot Pirate Pak.

It sailed into my heart when I was just a kid and has never left.

Way back then, the colourful cardboard boat wasn’t just a meal, it was an adventure and a family experience second to none.

This is how I remember it.

My four cousins and I – all under the age of ten at the time – would jump into the big vinyl booths at White Spot’s Park Royal restaurant as one of the adults ordered Pirate Paks for us all. Promptly the ice cream and coveted chocolate gold coin were declared off limits until after we’d finished dinner.

Sometimes, when our folks had truly lost their minds, we would all attempt to eat at the White Spot’s drive-in lot in my uncle’s big station wagon. Back in those days the kids were loaded into the back and the chaos would begin. This usually resulted in a good hose down for both the car – and the kids – after we were done.

I couldn’t imagine life without the Pirate Pak and, to this day, still remember the horror I felt when my eldest cousin turned 13 and declared herself “too old” to get one. I felt truly sorry for her as I dove into mine and pocketed my golden coin quickly lest someone make a move for it.

These childhood memories will live forever. So you can only imagine my delight when the gate buzzer went off this afternoon and a special delivery from White Spot was waiting at the door.

Turns out this “Adult’ version of the Pirate Pak is a very special ship as each one purchased today (Wednesday Aug 14, 2013) will also go to help support my wonderful “friend” Mel Zajac and his Zajac Ranch for Children.

I’ve known Mel for many years now and he is an unbelievably kind and generous person – so it only makes sense that he now too will be part of my dearest Pirate Pak memories.

So everyone, why not take a break from the norm today and order up a fleet of White Spot Pirate Paks for your child’s team, your office workers or a family picnic dinner. Not only will you be donating to a very good cause – you’ll be helping make a memory for a very special child at summer camp this year too.

Visit White Spot online to make a donation and for all the details about the 6th Annual Pirate Pak Day 2013

By Catherine Barr

pirate pak day
Adult Pirate Paks from Park Royal’s Restaurant. Thank you Joanne!


Pirate Pak's from Whitespot
You’re never too old for a Pirate Pak, especially on Pirate Pak Day – Wed Aug 14, 2013.


chocolate gold coin
Hands off the coveted gold coin (it’s really chocolate)!


Celebrating White Spot's 6th Annual Pirate Pak Day in support of Zajac Ranch for Children
Celebrating White Spot’s 6th Annual Pirate Pak Day in support of Zajac Ranch for Children