Shaketown — Free Community History Walk

Event Details

North Vancouver

On this illustrated walk you will have the chance to hear little known
stories of Lynn Valley’s past. Beginning with the first mills and moving
to the small bustling community of the 1950’s to one that now boasts high
rise condominiums, you will witness the transformation that has taken place
in the shadow of the North Shore’s mountains.

Learn of the adventures (here and overseas) of the crusty chronicler Walter
Draycott, of lumber entrepreneur Julius Fromme (and the buildings that
still carry his name). Find out why there is water trough outside the TD
Canada Trust building, and what the streetcar line did for the community.
Join the curator as you discover how today’s landscape and landmarks do
tell this area’s stories.

This event is FREE. Please call 604 990 3700 x 8016 to pre-register. 





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