What If Romeo and Juliet…

Event Details

North Vancouver

Montreal’s DynamO Théâtre, one of Canada’s most renowned and revered
Circus/Theatre companies, returns to Vancouver with a new take on
Shakespeare’s magnificent and tragic love story in What If Romeo &
Juliet… January 25 – 27 at Presentation House Theatre.
The play re-imagines Shakespeare’s timeless and troubling Romeo and
Juliet through Theatre of Acrobatic Movement, expressing the famed family
rivalry through the poetry of movement, the refinement of the bard’s
words, an alluring lighting design and a powerful soundscape. Questions
revolve around universal themes of love, hate, freedom, death and rivalry.
Could there be another ending to this beloved and famous tale?

Tickets available online at tickets.phtheatre.org or at 604-990-3474



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