World Sight Day Fundraiser at Lynn Valley Optometry North Vancouver

Event Details

Lynn Valley Optometry

On October 9th, 2014 Lynn Valley Optometry will be holding their second annual World Sight Day fundraiser in support of Optometry Giving Sight a global fundraising initiative.

Last year Lynn Valley Optometry donated over $1,200 to this great charity, and they are hoping to surpass last years donations. Lynn Valley Optometry will be donating 100% of their regular exam fees (not including MSP billings) rendered on this day to support this global initiative.

More about the Optometry Giving Sight: Many of us take access to eye care for granted. However, 600 million people living in developing communities around the world have little or no access to eye care and the glasses that they need. Many are
children who can’t see to learn, while others are parents who can’t see to earn and provide for their families. Sight can make the difference between a life of poverty and a life of opportunity.

More about Lynn Valley Optometry: Located in the heart of Lynn Valley, Lynn Valley Optometry has been assisting North Shore Residents to achieve perfect vision for over 20 years. With a highly trained team and award winning practice, Lynn Valley
Optometry strives to go beyond “20/20 vision”. Their mission is to provide a world class eye care facility with leading edge vision care, exclusive frames and lens products, treatment services and excellent customer service. Lynn Valley Optometry’s
specialty treatment services include dry eye therapy, vision shaping treatment, vision therapy, genetic testing and nutritional counseling for ocular wellness.

Managing optometrist Dr. Altaz Shajani founded the iTherapyTM center which has extensively helped children and adults with learning related vision problems, vision perception deficits, strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), brain injuries, as well as enhancing visual performance for athletes.

Please call us at 778-628-1776 for more information.



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