You Are Here – Exhibition at the CityScape Community Art Space

Event Details

CityScape Community Art Space

Opening reception: Thursday, April 16, 7-9pm

We invite you to immerse yourself in the life and charm of the North Shore.

As part of the Capture Photography Festival, 20 talented, local photographers have captured the rich, shared experiences and stories of the North Shore Region and all the magical, mysterious and remarkable beauty that it holds. From sea to sky, this exhibit has over 40 different images celebrating the people, architecture and land of the North Shore.

Artists: Judi Angel, Terry Beaupre, Carol Coleman, Mark Daly, Carolina De La Cajiga, Karen Evans, Emilie Feil-Fraser, Jocelyn Fisk-Schleger, Adam Gibbs, Hans Koch, Gabriele Maurus, Valerie Metz, Ava Naves,  Sara Morison, Douglas Morison, Kathryn O’Regan, Mike Wakefield, Sande Waters,  Ashley Welsh, Theresa Wimbles

Share your pictures of the North Shore!


You can be a part of this exhibition by sharing your favourite photos of the North Shore (pictures need to be taken between Deep Cove and Horseshoe Bay). Tag your photos of favourite spots, hobbies, restaurants, celebrations and more on Twitter and Instagram using #capturenorthshore for an opportunity to see your photo in the gallery during the exhibition.

For more information about this event please contact Stefanie Wysota at 604-988-6844



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