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200 Granville Square

City Chase is the World’s Largest Urban Adventure Series, with 9 local events in Canada alone. City Chase requires teams of two to exhibit teamwork, resourcefulness, determination and the ability to make decisions on the fly as they search for physical, intellectual and wacky ChasePoint challenges scattered in unknown locations throughout the city. Focusing more on the journey than the destination, participants will learn about their city, their teammate, and themselves as they think hard, play hard and laugh hard.

City Chase starts with teams receiving a cluesheet detailing a variety of challenges, designed to push comfort zones, provide fun and laughter, and to showcase the host city. To conquer this 4-6 hour urban event, participants will run, walk and use public transit to navigate their way throughout the city, while calling family and friends for help, accessing the Internet, and even soliciting the assistance of total strangers. The first team to complete the required ChasePoints and cross the finish line will earn the right to represent their city at The 2012 Canadian Championships in Whitehorse.



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