In 2014, I ran for Mayor securing 44% of the vote. Once again I am running for mayor.

More than any other candidate, I have the skills and expertise necessary to guide the city through these challenging times. As a 42 year veteran of the transportation industry and over 2 million miles experience on the road, I get your frustration with our current traffic issues. I have a plan to repair this traffic mess along with the rest of my platform which can be found at

I pledge to find solutions to our traffic debacle, improve public transit, limit development, improve public parking, administer city affairs openly and honestly, lower taxes and find real solutions to our affordability crisis.

Protecting our quality of life to ensure a livable community for our children and theirs is what drives me to run for public office. It’s time to put our community first. It’s time for a clean sweep of council. To do that I need your help.

On October 20th, Vote Kerry Morris for Mayor.