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Sign Up for FUN all Summer Long

Registration for all summer programs including summer camps starts 7:00am on Wednesday May 20th.

This summer we are introducing lots of new camps!

Looking for adventure? Check out our outdoor programming – everything from nature play programs in our parks to outdoor sports camps to longboarding camps. Do you like variety? Sign up for a combo camp and try art and cooking, or climbing and pottery or sports and swimming.

Looking for a great first camp experience for your Kindergarten or Grade 1 child? Check out our six hour Kiddie Capers Camp or our three and a half hour Early Explorers Camp.

10 Steps to Spring into Fitness

1. Set Goals and Track Progress: Write down what you want to achieve and make attainable goals to avoid feeling discouraged. Track your times, distances, weights lifted and how you feel. Noting how far you have come puts your progress into perspective and allows you to make appropriate adjustments.

2. Get Prepared: Make sure you wear supportive shoes and clothes you are comfortable in.

3. Set Dates: Scheduling a workout with yourself makes it harder to miss; you wouldn’t flake on an important meeting or appointment, don’t let yourself down.

4. Connect with Others: Working out with a friend or group of like-minded people makes meeting goals easier, holds you responsible for attending workouts, and wards off temptation.

5. Check Your Nutrition: Eating right is just as important as exercising, be sure to fuel your body with a natural well-balanced diet. Skip the junk food and you’ll feel better from the inside out!

6. Go Slow: Don’t discourage yourself by rushing into a new routine, if you take on too much too soon, you run the risk of injury and quickly losing motivation. Gradually increase exercise when your body is ready.

7. Get Educated: Knowing how to move properly will reduce your risk of injury and get you the results you want. Talk to a fitness expert and get your form checked out.

8. Be Kind to Your Body: Warm up before you start to get your blood flowing and joints lose. Cool down when you are finished to bring your heart rate back to resting. Help your body recover with stretching and foam rolling to prevent injury, reduce soreness, improve flexibility and clear your mind.

9. Find Something you Enjoy: If your routine is a drag, switch it up. Join a class and make exercise fun and enjoyable. Check out NVRC’s fantastic fitness programs you can register for now!

10. Reward Yourself: Your hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. Treat yourself to a massage, a new outfit, or get your nails done. You deserve it!

  • For ideas on fun fitness activities, check out these Summer Fitness Classes starting soon!
  • Spin Circuit & Stretch
  • Express Body Blast
  • Beach Body Ready
  • Candlelight Yoga
  • Zumba Core Combo

For more information about our day and summer camps and also to register online please call us at 604-983-6388 or visit our website at



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