Painting Demonstration with Sheree Jones at CityScape Community Art Space

Event Details

CityScape Community Art Space

Sheree Jones will be in the gallery demonstrating her oil painting techniques.

You are invited to stop by, watch Sheree at work and chat with the artist, while visiting The Boat Show.

The Boat Show

CityScape Community Art Space

May 22 – July 4, 2015


Sheree Jones has thought of herself as an artist ever since she was a little girl. With her parent’s encouragement she took many weekend classes in painting and drawing. She remembers especially, her “Painting in the Park” lessons. When she entered her first year of high school, she quickly realized that the school had no art program. By the end of that year, discouraged, she threatened to quit school altogether. Her ever supportive parents arranged for her to attend a two year visual arts program in another high school. This was where she knew that there was no turning back from her creative path.

Sheree enjoys the challenges of painting outdoors. As well, she paints in her working/teaching studio in North Vancouver.

Visit her website at

For more information about this event please contact Stefanie Wysota at 604-988-6844 or email her at



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