Under the Surface – Vancouver’s Urban Salmon with Fernando Lessa

Event Details

North Vancouver

For thousands of years, millions of salmon completed their epic oceanic
journeys and returned home to the estuaries and rivers of early Vancouver.
Much has changed in the last 150 years – most of the streams are gone and
urban development and runoff impact the remaining salmon. Fernando Lessa,
author and photographer of Urban Salmon, will take us on an incredible
photographic journey underneath our local rivers to experience the natural
beauty of our urban waterways and inspire us to protect these fragile

This is part of the One Earth speaker series. Our Earth is full of
incredible diversity! See it through the eyes of scientists, naturalists,
and photographers as they share their inspirational stories and knowledge
about the natural world. This speaker series is hosted at the Ecology
Centre and is for ages 15 and up. Register at EventBrite or call now
604-990-3755. $9.00 per person. Check out our upcoming speakers at





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