Literally every business day, we receive calls and emails asking…What is over there or What can we do by those mountains? Of course, we are happy to oblige sharing all of the great, year round choices that the North Shore offers every one and all ages.

For the outdoors-type folks, we have two suspension bridges in North Vancouver, two mountains to hike and mountain bike on and of course, ski and snowboard on in the winter. We have marinas with boat rentals, skateboard parks, a petting zoo and bicycle and kayak rentals. The world-famous Baden Powell hiking trail has it’s roots in North Van. The Grouse Grind is also found here, at the base of Grouse Mountain where the tram cars offer some of the best views of Vancouver. Fishing, hang-gliding, swimming, lawn-bowling, golf, you name it, the North Shore has it!

Feeling adventurous? Take a professionally guided tour to the back country. Beautiful parks are every where, in every area of our community. Looking to be indoors? Movie theaters, galleries, museums, libraries and shopping malls are always close by. Numerous markets including a waterfront public market, are here to attract your attention and allow you to enjoy your time whether you live close by or are just visiting.