Canadian Iranian Foundation presents Ziba Shirazi at the Centennial Theatre North Vancouver

Event Details

Centennial Theatre

Ziba Shirazi is an Iranian-American poet, singer, songwriter, and storyteller, who immigrated to U.S. in 1985.

Ziba’s compositions are a mellow fusion of Persian music folded into American Jazz – charming Persian melodies blended with world music, inspired by passion to elicit compassion. While Ziba tells the story behind her poetry in her live performance, many of her non-Persian speaking fans believe that her facial expressions and her heartfelt performance tell a thousand words. She is personification or world music.

Her collaboration with Chilean-American Jazz pianist, Dr. Jose-Miguel Yamal, has deepened the presence of fiery jazz and Latin music in her performances. Having performed together worldwide since 2006, they create a synergistic experience of passion and expression. As Matthew Crosier from CBC radio says, “You can expect perfect pitch voice and a top notch band.”

Ziba is dedicated to spreading the universal message of love and peace through her music and storytelling. She believes in leaving behind what needs to be left behind, but adopting the best of all traditions and weaving them into a finer, richer, tapestry of cultures. As her contribution to this vision, she strives to bridge the divide between Eastern and Western cultures through music and storytelling.

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