The North Shore is one of the BC’s natural playgrounds for kids of all ages. Camps, indoor play centres, art lessons, physical activity programs, animal farms, suspension bridges, nature hikes, sailing lessons, bike rentals, skateboard parks, climbing walls, water parks, ski and snowboard lessons…everything is here for a child in North Vancouver!

Of course, kids need to learn and grow at the same time. Numerous coaching and special needs facilitators are located in North Van. Daycare centers, Montessori and pre-schools are easy to find on the ‘Shore.

Have little ones or a baby on the way? Infant supplies and related services are readily available. Specialty kids clothing stores are becoming very popular with Mom’s as well as crib and carriage rentals. Pretty much everything a parent needs to raise a healthy, happy child can be found in our shops and villages. More child and teenager info can be found by visiting our Music and Schools sections also.