District Foyer Gallery – Roksan Kohen & Larissa Blokhuis

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North Vancouver District Hall

The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is proud to present:

District Foyer Gallery
North Vancouver District Hall, 355 West Queens Road

Dec 7 – Feb 8,2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, Dec 8, 6:30-8:30pm

Roksan Kohen(roksankohen.com)
2D –Roksan is originally from Istanbul Turkey. Herwork has been exhibited in several galleries and art shows in both Vancouver and Istanbul. She learns about life mostly through drawing and painting. However, while working she does not think but stares into the blank until lines and points appear. She transfers the imagery revealed by personal and collective subconscious.

Her work aims to understand our complex nature and our relationships. She draws and paints both individuals and crowds. Observing nature and cityscapes are her inspiration, and helps her to study contemporary identities. Formless, deformed and reformed creatures in their landscapes reflect how we live. Each figure appearing in her drawings and paintings has their own journey however, they come together and dance.

Larissa Blokhuis 3D– Her earliest memories are related to art, and at age 5 she knew she was an artist. Throughout her life she has always felt the need to create. When she was 14 she took a glassblowing course, wanting to try a new material. It was this experience that led her to become a glass artist.

She is interested in ocean ecosystems and preserving bio-diversity. She finds great mystery and beauty in the sea and embraces the opportunity to learn about such strange creatures, living in a world so alien to our own. Larissa uses her skill with glass and her creativity to call attention to the damage being done to the sea

District Foyer Gallery, North Vancouver District Hall, 355 West Queens Road Mon-Fri 8:00am – 4:30pm



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