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908 Park Royal Mall South, West Vancouver, BC
Closed and renamed 2022

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Image Optometry is well known for its team of  world class Optometric Doctors.  Each has a strong desire to help you see better and detect early stages of eye health issues. With our West Vancouver optometrists and fully equipped examination rooms, you can be assured of a correct prescription and complete eye health checkup.

Buying glasses on-line or at a cheap kiosk without the guidance of an eye doctor might not be such a good idea when you consider the consequences of not knowing about an eye health problem early on. Only true optometrists  can deliver that reassurance and secure knowledge of your eye health.

Children under 14 and diabetics of any age should have an eye exam twice per year because their eyes are changing quite rapidly. Children from 15 to 18 need to have their eyes examined once per year as do seniors over 65. All other adults from 19 to 64 should have eye exams at least every 2 years to assess their eye health conditions.

Our West Vancouver optometrists will perform a series of tests, including color vision, depth perception and field of vision. The usual tests for common conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism. Tests for muscle function, depth perception and light sensitivity are also performed at Image in West Vancouver. Phone or drop in to “see” the difference.

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