Looking Closer Print Workshop at Seymour Art Gallery North Vancouver

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Seymour Art Gallery

Artist and instructor Michael Culverwell is back with a new workshop! This course, open to all levels, will have an emphasis on fun and play. Participants will look very closely at natural objects for inspiration. With magnifying glasses in hand, you will find interesting patterns and texture in the up-close view.

Suitable for all levels

Seymour Art Gallery Members – $10 | Non-members – $40

Please register at 604.924.1378, or in person at Seymour Art Gallery.

Culverwell will guide you in selecting a section to explore further through drawing and basic printing techniques which don’t require special tools or expensive materials. Printing directly from inked objects, string prints, plus templates and masking techniques will be covered in this informal course. Your prints may be tiled to emphasize and create further patterns. This playful exploration will result in studies which can also become inspiration for future patterns in painting, drawing, fibre art, knitting, or practical design.

Culverwell is a big believer in taking the pressure off the process of artmaking. He reminds us that that every artistic exploration is an investment in your future pieces. “There’s no wrong way to make art,” he says. “It’s really important to allow and encourage self-discovery.”

When not teaching classes at Emily Carr University, Culverwell can be found around Deep Cove, sketching rocks by the water or drawing quick impressions of the works on display at the Seymour Art Gallery. Michael Culverwell M.A. is a designer and instructor with an extensive background in design. He has exhibited and sold his work in Germany, Finland, Japan, UK, Switzerland, USA and Canada; and has taught design, drawing and related subject matter, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, at universities and colleges across Canada and the UK. He currently teaches at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

For more information about this event please visit our website at www.seymourartgallery.com



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