North Star Montessori Elementary

1325 East Keith Road, North Vancouver, BC

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About North Star Montessori Elementary

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North Star Montessori Elementary is an independent, certified school providing Montessori education for children three years (Preschool) through to 12 years (Grade 5). Half and full day kindergarten is available. After school day care is also available on site. Please call for more information or a tour. Newcomers to our school are always struck by how beautiful and peaceful our classrooms are, and the warmth and serenity that permeates through our learning environments. Visitors often comment on the positive and respectful interactions between students, and between students and teachers.

Peeking through doors, it’s hard not to be impressed by the activity and productivity in each room – children working in groups, some individually, and other being helped by a teacher. Each child is completely absorbed in the tasks before them in a manner that meets their individual needs.

This is the Montessori Method at work. North Star Montessori offers integrated art, music, French and physical-education programs, regular community excursions and more. There is so much for the students to discover!

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