North Vancouver Oxford Learning Centre

1975 Lonsdale Avenue - Suite 101, North Vancouver, BC

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About North Vancouver Oxford Learning Centre


If you have a child who is overwhelmed, frustrated, or not challenged enough by school, Oxford Learning can help. As Canada’s leading supplemental educator, we provide a tutoring program unlike any other. Students of Oxford Learning participate in a personalized learning experience that engages and fires them up for a lifetime of learning. With Oxford Learning, children discover the thrill of improvement and the means to success.

Founded in London, Ontario, in the mid-1980s, Oxford Learning has grown to become Canada’s most respected supplemental education provider.

Created on the principles of cognitive development, Oxford Learning takes a holistic approach to what is traditionally thought of as tutoring.  Like all tutors, Oxford Learning helps students get better grades, but that’s where the similarities to other tutors end.

We use our Diagnostic Assessment tool to discover every child’s learning strengths and weaknesses and tailor our existing programs in a way that is unique to the needs’ of every child in the centre. We recognize that each child has a distinct learning ability and we use their strengths to help them overcome any weakness.

Whether it’s a school subject such as math, a foundational skill such as reading comprehension, or even support skills such as organization, we help students get to the root of their school issues, while helping them with their current schooling. The outcome is increased confidence, as well as an increase in school grades. It’s a long-term approach that fixes school and learning problems for good.

Our techniques help students learn how to learn, which means their confidence, motivation, and grades improve.


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