Readymades – Summer Exhibition at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art North Vancouver

Event Details

Gordon Smith Gallery

The Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art is pleased to present ‘Readymades’, the first group exhibition in Canada of contemporary responses to the challenges and opportunities presented by Marcel Duchamp’s concept that readymade objects could be reconsidered as art objects. The artists in the exhibition were selected by Gordon Smith.

All of them have produced work that touches upon the readymade concept, and some of the work was made specifically for this exhibition. The exhibition is an exploration of the readymade idea as seen through minds of eleven of British Columbia’s most renowned artists. The commentary contained within the works in the show touches on assumptions regarding culture itself, mass media, marks as traces, sociological issues and how viewer reaction to accepting everyday objects as art continues to this day, albeit perhaps not as vehemently as it did in 1917.

The participating artists are: Arabella Campbell, Douglas Coupland, Stan Douglas, Gathie Falk, Geoffrey Farmer, Rodney Graham, Brian Jungen, Damian Moppett, Mina Totino, Ian Wallace and David Weir.

Gallery will be open to the public May 6-August 27, Wednesday through Saturday, 12-5pm by donation.

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