Saturday Summer Sessions presents Alma Chevere at the Shipbuilder’s Square North Vancouver

Event Details

Shipbuilder's Square

A free summer concert series at Shipbuilders’ Square at the foot of Lonsdale. Taking place on Saturdays from July 5 – August 30, the series features free evening concerts with a diverse mix of performers and musicians.

Early afternoons will feature a variety of fun family activities including free interactive art for kids, face painters, and “Painters at the Pier”.

Each Saturday will host a variety of food trucks, local artisan vendors and a beer garden for those 19 and over. Bring the family, bring a chair and come to have fun.

Alma Chevere

Established in 2009 by professional musician Luis Gutierrez and close friends Karl Frostrup and Rolando Hernandez, Alma Chevere was was formed through a series of lucky incidents and positive, determined alchemy. The musicians themselves are an eclectic mix coming from as far as Venezuela to mid-B.C.’s Bella Coola. Each member of the band brings his own musical style derived from his home roots, varied musical influences and languages, resulting in music that is truly unique and fulfilling. Alma Chevere is a melodious fusion of several styles such as salsa, flamenco, rumba, rock and pop

Lead singer and composer, Luis Guttierez, is from Venezuela and brings a flare of Caribbean heat, salsa and energy to every project he is involved in. Whether showing off impressive dance moves, serenading in his unique voice, or playing guitar or percussion, Luis’ energy and positive vibes are ever-present and contagious. Luis is the core of Alma Chevere; an entertainer with a wide range of experiences and an impressive repertoire of songs. He is an established performer and composer in Vancouver and has been honing his craft over many years and across several continents. Over the last seventeen years Luis has been a principal contributor to the acclaimed Vancouver group Poema Flamenco. For more information about Luis’ activities and projects, please visit

On drums and percussion is multi-instrumentalist Karl Frostrup. Growing up within a close network of musically talented family and friends in the remote coastal valley of Bella Coola, from polka to reggae to classical, Karl has been playing and adapting his musical outlook since his earliest recollection.

Mexico’s bright colour palette is made evident by the band’s bass player, Rolando Hernandez. His charango, his brightly coloured ukelele and the smooth deep sounds of his bass guitar paint a vibrant sonic picture – and his infamous mariachi call brings one magically out of the drab and routine to a sunny joyful world filled with the passion and soul of his native land.

On guitar, Victor Fe stirs Spanish passion and emotion with his flamenco rhythms and soloing. An enthusiastic, well-travelled man of Mexican and Spanish decent he adapts his incredible skills on the guitar to every style of music.

On the electric guitar, bringing a north american twist to otherwise very latin-based rhythms, Robert Varda captivates the audience with his soulful playing. Robert has unparalled passion for perfection, and a musical ear like no other. Robert caps Alma Chevere s unique musical fusion of styles perfectly, completing the band and its unity.

Alma Chevere is not only a band of talented musicians but a group of the closest friends one can encounter. Every summer they are to be spotted carrying their instruments to remote locations, riding their motorcycles through the toughest terrains, living adventure and enjoying the thrill of discovery. Their differences, whether in styles of riding or playing is what bonds them and what makes them so unique and complete. Together, they fully live their name, Alma Chevere; “Cool Soul”.



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