Sculpture | Easter Bunny Workshop at 4Cats Arts Studio

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4Cats Arts Studio North Vancouver

Easter Monday from 5:45-6:45pm come sculpt you very own Easter bunny using colourful polymer clay!

Everybody is welcome!

On September 18th, 1998, Jet Simon was born at only 26 weeks. Due to his prematurity, doctor’s explained the likelihood of Jet developing learning difficulties was high, Jet’s mom, Joey Simon decided to train in the principles of Montessori education to help and encourage Jet in his learning.

As artists, Joey and Jet’s father, Darryl, shared their love of art with Jet. When Jet became a toddler, Joey and Jet went to the library, read art books and started painting. Jet was especially interested in the life stories of the artists.

Four year old Jet’s paintings and art stories were impressive. Other parents asked Joey if she would consider offering art workshops for children. 4Cats was born!

The name 4Cats is inspired by the 4Cats Cafe in Barcelona, Spain. The 4Cats Cafe (Els Quatre Gats) is the place where Picasso went with artist, poet and philosopher friends to discuss art and life and make and show great art! This is what we do, create masterpieces and talk about art!



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