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Cascadia Centre

A one-day storytelling workshop for emerging tellers and speakers taught by Abegael Fisher-Lang, storyeller-educator-life passage celebrant. This introductory workshop, shaped by lively world tales and personal stories, will inspire and guide you on your path as storyteller.

Remember when you were deeply moved by a great story well-told, and wished to tell yourself? The wisdom and humor of storytelling is a transformational force in the world in so many ways. Perhaps you already know where your gifts as a storyteller will be of benefit to others: in your boardroom, community, classroom, hospice…

Using a creative process of imaginative exercises, we will explore moving off-page by experiencing the story rather than memorizing the text. The skills learned in this process will prove invaluable in all presentation work.

Bring a story you want to learn to tell. All are welcome, especially emerging tellers, and those who relish the art of possibility. Come with beginner’s mind and be prepared for the spark of transformation. The muse may not be so elusive after all.

Abegael Fisher-Lang is a longtime, acclaimed BC storyteller widely known for her repertoire spanning the everyday amazing to the mythopoetic. Abegael is passionate about storytelling because “There is no power greater than our collective imagination, and story continually builds and strengthens it.” With skill and humour, she inspires people to tell their own stories, and coaches them in crafting memorable stories to celebrate life events.

Fisher-Lang, a longtime, professional storyteller, was a featured teller at the 2012 Vancouver International Storytelling Festival. She has been artistic director for various festivals and World Storytelling Days, taught pedagogical storytelling with the Imaginative Education Research Group at Simon Fraser University, and with many BC school boards.

Her trilogy The Divine Feminine, based on the Demeter and Persephone myth, has been presented in New York and Vancouver; she co-presented the Finnish Kalevala for the 2009 International Anthroposophical Conference in Whitehorse. As a Life Passage Celebrant, Abegael has recently been invited onto the faculty of the Celebrant Foundation as an instructor in story-based Family and Children’s Ceremonies.

“I had forgotten what a discipline, a pleasure and a gift story telling is. Thank you!” DD, ACTU Conference 2006

“Abegael’s experience, knowledge and style make this an excellent workshop.” AB

“I am impressed with her breadth of knowledge. .. she has an abundant gift for what she does as a storyteller and a teacher.” AA, President, Vancouver Society of Storytelling.

“The visual imagery of building a story up from the bones and giving it life was very powerful…I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to understand the key elements of storytelling and have a good time doing it!” LM


351 West 19th St (at Jones), North Vancouver


Cascadia Centre


Performing Arts


Abegael Fisher-Lang

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$85 incl organic vegan lunch, and sliding scale


Abegael Fisher-Lang

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373 Tempe Crescent

North Vancouver

V7N 1E7



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