The House of Blue Leaves

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Deep Cove Shaw Theatre

February 23 – March 10


8pm – Wed through Sat

A comedy, drama, farce, tragedy, romance by John Guare. Directed by Rick Colhoun for First Impressions Theatre.

The story is set in Queens, New York in 1965. Zoo keeper, Artie Shaugnessy, whose long aspiring dream of becoming a successful songwriter, lives here with his wife Bananas. Interestingly, his mistress lives in the suite right below and it is her goal to have Artie to herself. Meanwhile, the Pope is due to visit New York and Artie’s son goes AWOL from Fort Dix; oblivious to this Artie is planning a visit to see his old school buddy who has become a successful Hollywood producer hoping he will finally get the song writing success he has been craving. Throw in some farcical nuns, a deficient starlet, a home-made bomb and you have quite a zoo; but then, wait, there are troubles at the real zoo too!

Venue: Deep Cove Shaw Theatre


4360 Gallant Avenue, Deep Cove




Directed by Rick Colhoun, starring Ryan Crocker, Cheryl Hebb, Colleen Rae Lornie, Tina Spencer, Cody Blatter, Chris Liggett, Ann Copp, Victoria Deschanel, Brianna Mason, Alan Williams, Kelly Avery

Ticket Price:

$18 adults / $15 seniors & students


First Impressions Theatre

Box Office:



4360 Gallant Avenue

North Vancouver

V7G 1V5



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