Timbuktu – North Shore International Film Series – Spring 2015

Event Details

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Park & Tilford Cineplex Odeon

France/Mali/Mauritania 2014 | Arabic, French, Tamashek with English subtitles | 97 minutes

Set during the early days of the 2012 fundamentalist takeover of northern Mali, the new film from the great African director Abderrahmane Sissako (Bamako, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Annual Academy Awards) – is a powerful drama about the everyday woes and resistance of ordinary people in a city overrun by extremist foreign fighters. Under Timbuktu’s new fundamentalist rulers, music, laughter, and sports (even soccer) have been prohibited, women have been forced to cover their heads on pain of death, and kangaroo courts have been established that hand down horrendous punishments for even the slightest and most absurd of infractions.

For more information about this event please call us at 604-904-2359



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