Urban Flaneur

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CityScape Community Art Space

Urban Flaneur

April 13 – May 12, 2012
Opening reception: Thursday, April 12, 7-9pm

This exhibition explores the grandeur and densification of urban space, particularly contemporary urban architecture and an individual’s experience within a city. Four accomplished artists address this theme with an intricate sculptural installation, acrylic paintings, large scale photomontages, and photo-conceptual multimedia wall pieces.


Ilze Bebris’s impressive large scale installation is part model, part sculpture, a kind of a runaway hybrid that hovers between drawing and object. It consists of some 200 wire and paper cells of various sizes squirreled together in a dense configuration of cells and passages. This array of structures, clustered claustrophobically together, reflects a poetic experience of the dense and regularized urban streetscape.

Ross C. Kelly’s images extend far beyond the capabilities of a single frame photograph to express the dynamic, multi-sensory, and often chaotic nature of our contemporary urban experience. He photographs repeatedly from a single vantage point over the course of several days or weeks then manually collages them together to create thickly textured layers of panoramic skylines and narrow street views.

Alex Abdilla’s work reflects the city’s presence and how it operates like a synchronized performance. His work is photo conceptual, multimedia wall pieces made from cut up photographs encased in acrylic and linked together with metal rings.

Peterson Turgoose’s work aims to mesh elements of the urban landscape with inner-city perspectives. He is inspired by the constant construction-renewal process, which has become the trademark of Vancouver. In his paintings he fuses core natural colours and textures with the plasticity of the city’s image.

Free presentation: Tuesday, April 17, 6-7pm at CityScape

Join us for a discussion on sustainable architecture and urban planning from the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability at UBC, home of the most sustainable building in North America. Please register.

Presenter: Alberto Cayuela, Associate Director, UBC Sustainability Initiative



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