Vancouver Sun Run 2023


Event Details

Downtown Vancouver

The Vancouver Sun Run has been Canada’s largest 10k road race since its inception in 1985, and is currently the third largest timed 10k in North America. Founded by former Canadian Olympians Dr. Doug and Diane Clement along with Dr. Jack Taunton. The run’s purpose was to promote the benefits of running, to improve health and fitness, as well as support elite amateur athletics. The first run attracted 3,200 participants.

Through the years the run captured the imagination and hearts of individuals wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. The event morphed into the phenomenon it is today with thousands upon thousands descending upon the streets of Vancouver each year in celebration of Vancouver Sun Run Sunday! The run is supported by its loyal host committee and an army of over 1,500 volunteers.

The Sun Run mission is to be Canada’s leading and most influential 10k race, inspiring healthy, active lifestyles for people of all ages and at any fitness level year-over-year by offering fun and accessible community-based running/walking event and programs in BC



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