A Tribute to Billy Strayhorn with “A” Band, NiteCap & Faculty Guests at the Capilano University Theatre

Event Details

Capilano University

Music Direction: Brad Turner (“A” Band) & Réjean Marois (NiteCap)

Billy Strayhorn was one of the greatest jazz composers and arrangers of American music history. Best known for “Take the ‘A’ Train” and “Lush Life”, he was a master of showcasing jazz greats such as Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster, Lena Horne and more. Strayhorn worked for Duke Ellington for over 30 years until his untimely death at the age of 52. As Ellington described him, “Billy Strayhorn was my right arm, my left arm, all the eyes in the back of my head, my brain waves in his head, and his in mine.” Join Capilano’s own “A” Band, NiteCap and faculty guests for this special tribute.

For more information about this event please visit our website at www.capilanou.ca



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