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On October 15th, I am seeking my fourth term as your School Trustee on our Board of Education. I believe in our schools and our community more than ever, and I am proud to have been a part of the many initiatives that have improved our District’s ability to offer excellence in public education.

Public education is a right. It’s a right to be educated, not a luxury. That to me is extremely important because it means we must find ways to reach every single child. This is why being informed, involved and dedicated to students in North Vancouver is important.

But I also know there is still much work to be accomplished to ensure we offer the very best education for our students while fully supporting our teachers and staff.

Advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion has always been a primary focus for me. Even as a child I challenged peers and adults who demonstrated a lack of understanding for those who are different. As your Trustee, I listen to concerns brought forward by our students and staff, and am working diligently to create collaborative and innovative solutions that positively address the issues.

When I first ran for Trustee in 2011 I promised to use my voice to speak up for those who weren’t being heard. During my three terms as Trustee I have brought forth 16 motions that have helped move our district forward to create inclusive vision and policies.

Now I am seeking your further support to allow me to finish the work I started this spring to actively address racism, ableism, and the stigmas surrounding mental health and disability.

I would be happy to talk with you about your priorities for our students and families!

I’m dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and would love to talk about your priorities for our District!

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