Fire Department – North Vancouver District

911 or (Non Emergency: 604-980-7575)

About Fire Department – North Vancouver District

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Established in 1954, District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services had four fire stations, staffed with one person each and supplemented by a volunteer brigade. In 1970, staffing at each fire station was increased to three full-time firefighters and in 1972 a fifth fire station was created.

Today, with over 140 staff at five strategically located fire stations, we serve the District’s 160 square kilometers of urban and wild land and our 82,500 residents. On average, we respond to 4,200 calls for assistance each year, working closely with our partner agencies across the North Shore. The unique geography of the District means we must be ready to respond to a variety of challenging firefighting, rescue and emergency situations. Our training and services are tailored to meet the distinct needs of the community.


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