How many light bulbs does it take to change your Hydro bill? Workshop at the Lynn Valley Library

Event Details

Lynn Valley Library

BC Hydro rates will go up by 6% on April 1 and they are slated to go up 28% by 2018. Come and learn what makes a real difference to your energy bills, your comfort, the health of your home and the environment.

This workshop is less about tips and tricks and more about understanding what makes a difference in your home. The session is intended to empower you to help yourself; your family and friends reap the benefits of the presenter’s 25 years experience in helping people save money on energy.

Presented by Areef Abraham, President and CEO of Quality Program Services and President of Kambo Green Solutions. Areef has had a long career with Power Smart Inc., Terasen and SFU.

Part of our Liveable Communities series of events.

To Register or for more information call: 604-984-0286 EXT:8144



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