Jane’s Walk Festival in North Vancouver

Event Details

Various Locations

Created in 2007, the Jane’s Walk Festival was inspired by urbanist and author, Jane Jacobs. Jane believed in walkable neighbourhoods, urban literacy and cities planned by and for the people.

Since its beginning, Jane’s Walks have grown to over 1,000 walks around the world. The City is taking part this year, with a walk hosted by the Mayor. You can join a walk or set up your own!

Anyone can lead a Jane’s Walk. It’s a ‘walking conversation’ about neighbourhoods and how people use cities, so the choice of conversation and the places you choose to visit are really up to you!

Check out the website at www.janeswalk.org for more information and find a walk in your city!

For more information you can call Tessa Forrest at 416-944-1271 or send an email at info@janeswalk.net



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