Mini-Me Sports Academy

286 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver

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About Mini-Me Sports Academy


The Mini-Me Sports Academy offers a unique and much-needed program for pre-school aged kids in the form of an ongoing sports learning experience.

The term “academy” is used loosely, as the emphasis will be on a non-pressure environment wherein young children will be exposed to a great many different sports, the benefits of exercise, and the ideals of sportsmanship.

While ‘learning through play’ is now a widely accepted method of developing pre-schoolers, the fact is that, thanks to computers and electronic devices in innumerable forms, we live today in an environment that is conducive of sedentary behaviour. And while sports are still popular, today’s minor/junior sports leagues tend to be intense to a degree never before imagined, often requiring a child to focus his or her efforts on one sport at a time, and with a competition focus that overlooks the importance of sportsmanship and fair play.

Whether seen as a complement to pre-school, or even an alternative, the Mini-Me Sports Academy will offer kids aged 3-5 (and 6-7 durng holidays) the opportunity to truly be active, to learn, to team-build, to discover, and to develop the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.


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