Paint Your Square Art Contest at the Supernal Arts Academy North Vancouver

Event Details

Supernal Arts Academy

Stop by Supernal Arts for an outdoor painting experience! We will provide participants with paints and a square on a large canvas. After all of the painting comes to an end, we will take a picture of each piece, and post each piece anonymously on the Supernal Arts Facebook page. The artist with the painting that receives the most “likes” will win the contest and receive a prize!

Each square of the canvas comes with a number, and each participant will register the number of their square and their email address with the receptionist. The prize is a free class in painting, illustration, sculpting, or drawing for five people. The winners will also receive art supplies. The contest will take place from September 1st-September 30th. Come on down, let loose, and be a part of a free and fun art experience.

Please call us at 778-340-1110 for more information about this event.



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