Presentation House Theatre Presents The Gift a Drama Theatre Play For Ages 17+

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Presentation House Theatre


Evening Performances – 8pm

Matinee Performances – 2pm


“We all have a story to tell.”

Johnny Aitken never spoke until he was 17 years old.

“When I think about that boy that did not speak, and that young man that did not speak; I honestly have a hard time understanding how he did it. How he survived each day and each night. At age 47, I am a totally different person. I have been speaking now for 30 years, which is very odd when I stop and think about it. Performing and writing this piece has helped me heal in a very positive way which was ironically, unforeseen. “

Johnny tells the story of how he came to find his voice, through movement, mask, dance and humour. A powerful tale of overcoming fears.


Written by John Aitken and Gail Noonan

Performed by John Aitken and Shelley MacDonald

Produced by Surrounded by Owls Productions, Mayne Island


DRAMA | PHYSICAL THEATRE | 50 minutes | $28/$20/$15

Ages: 17-65+ (Mature Content)

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