Queensbury Elementary School Fair in North Vancouver

Event Details

Queensbury Elementary School

Join in the fun at the annual spring fair where there will be bouncy castles, raffles, artisan tables, food, games, dance classes and a plant sale.

Please call us at 604-903-3730 for more information.

Education at Queensbury is directed towards providing all children an equal opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to maximize their potential in intellectual, social, and physical development.

These three are completely interdependent in the school program.

Intellectual development embodies the spirit of inquiry, the power of analysis and the ability to make decisions and solve problems. Learning consists of acquiring knowledge, developing understandings and forming attitudes to compliment effective application of skills and processes.

Social development is founded upon the child’s positive feeling of self-worth. This enables the child to view others as worthy, thus developing feelings of tolerance and acceptance, which foster co-operative interaction.

Physical development embodies good nutrition, body awareness, and positive attitudes to physical activity contributing to the child’s development of a healthy lifestyle.

The school is in partnership with parents and the community in nurturing children in an appreciation of the cultural dimensions of society and the role they play in the quality of life.



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