Sherwood Park Elementary

4085 Dollar Road, North Vancouver, BC

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About Sherwood Park Elementary

Our School
Sherwood Park School is a community of learners valuing and respecting individual excellence, individual differences, academic achievement and responsible citizenship. It is our belief that, while children learn in different ways and at different rates, they can all learn.
Sherwood Park is a public elementary school providing instruction to approximately 365 students from Kindergarten through Grade 7. Our school is a dual-track school that offers both an English program and a French Immersion program. It also houses a privately run childcare program for infants/toddlers and children aged 3-5 years.
We are very proud of our facilities at Sherwood Park. We have two adventure playgrounds (courtesy of the fundraising efforts and work of our PAC), a gravel soccer field/baseball diamond and a small picnic area. These areas are used by students during school hours and by the community after school hours and on the weekends.
Renovations to Sherwood Park in the year 2000 added classrooms, a music room, and facilities for special needs students to the existing building by a multi-use atrium area. The computer lab, library office and staff room were also renovated at that time.

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