THE LIFE GAME with the Mayors at the Presentation House Theatre

Event Details

Presentation House Theatre

Mayors Darrell Mussatto and Richard Walton have agreed to participate in THE LIFE GAME, an entertaining exposé of one’s personal life.  Some of Canada’s top improvisers will recreate key personal moments in the lives of the mayors.  Always entertaining, this event is a fundraiser for Presentation House Theatre, one of the North Shore’s cultural icons.

Tickets are $75 per person and include:  Food and Drink, the Show and Silent and Live Auctions.

The event starts at 7:30pm.

What is The Life Game?

The Life Game, as developed by Keith Johnstone (, is based on improvised storytelling.  It is a staged biography of a Guest’s life as seen through their eyes, and told through the improvisational acting skills of the actors.  The show takes the bare bones of a Guest’s life story, and then transforms that information, then and there, into a magical piece of theatre.

“What makes The Life Game so appealing is the clear sense that its performers are there not to show off their obvious talents but to provide a frame for others.  It is as selfless-seeming a slice of show business as I have ever witnessed.” -New York Magazine

How Does The Life Game work?

Material is taken from whatever that evening’s Guest reveals about his or her life.  An ensemble of five Improvisers and one Director can interrupt the conversation so the cast can act out scenes from the subject’s life; scenes that sometimes whirl off into fantasies, yet are always grounded in the truth of everyday life.  The spectacle of someone discovering and remembering feelings from their past makes for electrifying theatre.

For more information about this event please call us at 604-990-3474 or visit our website at



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