40th Annual North Shore Folkfest Performance at Centennial Theatre North Vancouver

Event Details

Centennial Theatre

The North Shore Folkfest is a chance to celebrate multiculturalism through the power of song, dance, and performance.

This dynamic festival brings together some 20 performance groups reflecting their distinctive cultural heritages. The festival runs for two consecutive evenings. There will be about 10 different performers or performing groups each night.

The North Shore Folkfest is a place to enjoy your own cultural heritage while joining in learning about various art forms from the many other multi-cultural groups and communities in the Metro Vancouver Area. Doors open at 6 pm for exhibit viewing & food tasting. Show starts at 7 pm.

Founded in 1974 by one of North Vancouver’s most socially and politically active residents, Ms. Stella J. Dean, the North Shore Folkfest became the first multicultural society in the Metro Vancouver area devoted to acknowledge its diversified cultures through the power of song, dance, and performance and make North Vancouver a destination attraction not only for tourists but for local families with its free admission.

The 1974 event was an instant success with an overflowing audience sitting on the stairs, and in the decades since its inception, the North Shore Folkfest has experienced the ebb and flow of financial support—being and entirely non-profit, registered charity. But no matter the fluctuations of the economy and of individual and group supports, the North Shore Folkfest has continued to carry out its mission — to provide an unforgettable multicultural show, free to all, ensuring that anyone and everyone can participate in the joy and excitement that characterize the Folkfest.

Every year we provide the community with a great show, highlighting the beauty of cultural diversity – what artist Jack Shadbolt iconized with his poster of a dancing girl, embracing many ethnic groups, and has become the logo of Folkfest today. Many of the performers are young people, and their friends and families come to see how dedicated and skilled the performers are. We have had the opportunity and honor of promoting many very talented local dance and music groups. We hope that the experience of performing for the North Shore and Vancouver, that the Folkfest will be a step in the way for the performers to become internationally known.

The North Shore Folkfest society relies entirely on volunteers. They dedicate many hours and days over the year as each annual Folkfest is prepared. Relying on the donations of audience and sponsors, as well as the hard work of its members, the success of each year’s event is the result of the generosity of the members of the community who are passionate to promote and celebrate the beauty of multicultural North Vancouver.

For more information please visit our website at www.nsfolkfest.com



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