Ann Hamm: Slivers of Silver – Wood +Fabric Installations at the City Atrium Gallery

Event Details

City Atrium Gallery

“I was fortunate to grow up on a farm in South Africa. Living on the land that sustained us taught me to respect nature as a living ecosystem where nothing was ever wasted. My art is a passionate response to observing the order and logic that surrounded me as a child. My intention as an environmental artist is to raise public awareness of the beautiful symbiotic relationships that surround us.

From my earliest memories I have been making beautiful things with whatever medium or tools that come to hand.” -Ann Hamm

Join Ann for an Artist Talk on Tuesday April 26th from 12:15-12:45pm to learn more about the inspiration for the three displayed works, ‘Howe Sound’, Return of the Salmon’, and ‘Red Alder River’.



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