I will bring a wealth of experience, ideas, passion and openness to City of North Vancouver Council.

With two graduate degrees in Municipal management (2008) and Environmental studies (2017), I’m an advocate for building sustainable local food system, and an active volunteer in several other community and regional projects.

I will apply my deep understanding of sustainable community development to become a champion of collaboration for North Vancouver city residents who have lost trust in their current local government. Residents are rightfully concerned about unaffordable housing, overcrowded transit services, congested traffic and overwhelming development in their neighborhoods.

At the core of my belief is the principle that the city should be a community that is created together, and is not just a “place where we live”. I will stand up for the residents to improve their quality of life and social inclusiveness.

I will be a trusted, open and honest councilor who will listen to residents and work collaboratively with everyone.

In summary, I will work to promote community engagement, community consultation and transparency in city decision making processes.