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CityScape Community Art Space

Join Kent Anderson, Sibeal Foyle and Peter Pierobon for an engaging and lively discussion of their work.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 6:00-7:00pm
CityScape Community Art Space
335 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC

In this dramatic exhibition, three accomplished artists, approach light in very distinctive ways. A variety of unique media is used including abstracted sculpture, paintings with powerful imagery and large tailored sources of light.

Peter Pierobon grew up on the North Shore. His affinity for working with wood came from observing the natural variations of trees growing around him. Peter studied the design and fabrication of sculptural furniture in New York. Over the years he has received many grants and awards and his work has been collected by numerous public and private collections. He is inspired from fine art and indigenous cultures around the world. He seeks to establish a fresh relationship between the primitive and the sophisticated, traditional and modern, while maintaining respect for the craft tradition. Primarily made of wood, his furniture seeks to satisfy functional needs while challenging precedents of design and concept. In the process, a personal vocabulary has evolved that reflects these criteria and the landscape where Peter lives.

Sibeal Foyle received her BFA in Belfast. She then immigrated to Canada, where she earned her MFA from the University of Calgary. Now established in Vancouver, for the past twenty years, Sibeal has been an exhibiting artist and educator in the Fine Arts Faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. In 1978, her older sister left Ireland and moved with her husband to Libya, where she currently lives with her family. Inspired from her physical Canadian location of serene landscapes but consumed with recent events and concern for her family in Libya, Sibeal created a series of paintings with images and accounts of the revolution. The series loosely follows the chronology of 2011 events in Libya from her Canadian perspective.

Kent Anderson is an artist and full-time faculty member at Kwantlen Polytechnic University primarily teaching Sculpture and Three-dimensional studies. He resides in Vancouver, where he maintains a sculpture studio. Kent received his BFA; cum laude, from Kent State University, OH and his MFA from Alfred University, NY. “The work in this show engages direct, sensual and physical sensibilities within material to explore the idea of light as both metaphor and description. Reflection, absorption, corrosion and fluidity are examples of characteristics that help me articulately express my concepts. For some time I have been interested in the debate surrounding knowledge and its existence in the body versus the mind and how our understanding of the world reflects this. My sculptures posit ideas that explore a post-physical world or address notions of our Cartesian navel gazing and self-centeredness. I am especially cynical about and interested in our hubris regarding technology.”



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