Artist Talk: Catherine Nicholls at the City Atrium Gallery

Event Details

City Atrium Gallery

Please join Catherine as she discusses the inspiration and process behind her work.

Catherine Nicholls is a painter, writer, teacher and quiltmaker. Inspired by words, stories and storytelling her work is developed through drawing, painting and mixed media in sketchbook. When working with textile, she uses discharge, dyeing, drawing, painting and printing – along with more traditional techniques.

Spring Blossoms celebrates the end of an often long and gloomy winter. These symbols of change can bring a renewed sense of energy to the city. There is nothing as wonderful as fluffy pink clouds of cherry blossom and the restrained elegance of the magnolia lining the streets. These pieces are created to celebrate the blossoms – to showcase their fragility and beauty. The Japanese aesthetic of fragility and transience are inspirational to Catherine and suit the nature of spring blossoms in Vancouver. In several of the pieces, she has used white as a reminder of blossoms blooming despite a spring snow storm.

For more information about this event please call us at 604-988-6844



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