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Holiday Inn (Seymour Grouse Room)

BRAND CHATTER™ Live!” Interactive Business Show where you can experience marketing strategy being created right before your eyes. Learn how it is done as multiple audience members come on stage to be led through the BRAND CHATTER™ process by veteran Marketing Strategist, Sandy Gerber. Take this learning and develop your own marketing messages to get people talking and selling for you! Join Sandy Gerber, CEO & Founder of the award winning NEXT Marketing & Design Agency, for this energizing “BRAND CHATTER™ Live!” Interactive Business Show!

“BRAND CHATTER™ Live!” is different than other business events. Gerber engages the audience by sharing the 4 Stages of Successful BRAND CHATTER™ and randomly selecting audience members to come on stage. On the spot, Gerber will dive into your business and uncover your Key Connector in just 10 minutes! From there, Sandy shows the audience how to create your business BRAND CHATTER™ and engage followers and promoters of your brand. You will walk out of this experience ready and equipped to create your own BRAND CHATTER™ for your business that same day!

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Wednesday December 7, 2011
Registration – 8:45am -9:15am
Event Presentation -9:15am – 11:30am
Holiday Inn, North Vancouver
Seymour Grouse Room
Limited Seating



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