Bring Your Own Voice at St. Clements Anglican Church

Lynn Valley United Church

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St. Clements Anglican Church

Voice is both our physical singing voice as well as a metaphor for the unique body, mind and soul that are in each of us.  When we show up with this unique voice and authentic self in our lives and relationships, we are enriched and fulfilled.  When we bring this authentic voice to a singing community, we make beautiful music and enrich our own lives as well as those of others.

Everyone knows that singing is good for you (don’t they?) So why not do more of it? (out loud I mean) Was it that grade 4 teacher who did not take the time to help you find the right note and told you to just mouth the words at the school concert? (She seems to figure many people’s stories.) Did you just get out of the habit after singing in a high school choir? Do you play an instrument but always thought you ‘did not have much of a voice?’ How about ‘I don’t read music’ (You can listen, and you can learn.)

When Lynn Valley United Church (LVUC) decided to sponsor a community choir, it aimed to spread the joy of singing by reaching out to people who wanted to sing in a group where no previous experience was required.  So bring your voice, learn to sing in harmony with others and be amazed at what you, and all of us together, can accomplish.

For the experienced singer, this choir provides a chance to enjoy a wide variety of repertoire sung well and have the fun of mentoring others.

The repertoire draws on the wisdom of world music representing many cultures and traditions and sharing themes of compassion, beauty, joy and inclusivity. A range of difficulty means that there is always something to reach for, whether you are an experienced singer or newly discovering the joy of singing in harmony.

Mary Yan provides supportive leadership that seeks out the best possible performance from her singers. Her aim is to empower you to make beautiful music in harmony with others. Matt Grinke is the amazingly gifted accompanist.

For more information please call us at 604-987-2114 or email to Mary Yan at



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